Biella UK Textile Agency was founded in 2002 with the aim of bringing quality fabrics to the UK. We supply to all levels of the market, from high street brand to luxury designer. Over the years, our client base has expanded throughout Northern Europe to include Scandinavia, Belgium, the Netherlands and France. We are an international team with a passion for fashion and fabrics.


Biella Luxury Fabrics was founded in Biella, Italy, which is located in the Piedmont region between Milan and Turin in the foothills of the Italian Alps.

Biella is a well-known wool processing and textile centre famed for high quality fabrics. Having gained our experience of the industry there, we brought our expertise to the UK, importing the most prestigious fabrics available in Italy.


There are numerous UK fabric agents but special qualities make certain partners stand out within the market. Biella UK has a set of values that have led to the exceptional business success. With a combined experience of over 200 years, our suppliers and we are experts in the field of textiles.

The complete team understands the responsibility of being one of the UK’s finest Fabric Agents. Reliability and commitment are huge values of Biella UK. Fabrics range from simple to elegant.

Biella UK have many years’ experience as UK Fabric Agents. Importing all fabrics and only working with the best products. Striving to develop relationships with superior suppliers and this has been the strategy over several years, with a network of trading partners and international alliances our brands have gone from strength to strength. Goods are despatched daily to destinations around the world, with advanced distribution technology ensuring incredibly efficient and rapid turnaround from order to delivery. Established in 2002 the business adheres to its initial concept from when the agency was founded. This is to be incredibly creative, have integrity and a clear vision.