Driven by entrepreneurial vision and influenced by the momentum of the early 1950’s, Giuseppe Angelico established the Angelico fabric mill in Ronco Biellese. The skill of the professionals involved, the culture and style of the era and the premier quality of the raw materials purveyed are the traits that have characterised the evolution of this project from the beginning, transforming an artisan weaver into a company of primary importance within the Biella textile scene.


Just in case you haven’t heard the term Super 100 and if you are new to the industry you may not have. Super 100 is a way to compare fabric quality. The higher the number the better the quality and so when people are buying fine suits they look at the ‘super’ number for the grade.

The higher the number the lighter and finer the fabric so therefore the higher the quality. This is a similar system to that of diamonds where you can measure the quality by a rating. Everything to do with wool comes from the quality of the sheep it may sound simple but it’s definitely worth remembering that superior sheep create better wool.

the angelico range



The majority of the finest wool comes from Australia, Tasmania and New Zealand these exquisite sheep grow merino wool. Raw wool following shearing is graded using standards that are based on thickness and natural fibres.

It is measured in microns under a microscope. The scale of these fibres translates into numbers those numbers mentioned as the grade of the suit. If the wool is finer than 18.5 microns then it is  said to be 100 grade wool. 200’s are the most rare.

Fewer and fewer sheep produce the fine micron counts of raw wool therefore these fine wools can reach large prices. Biella UK use super 100’s but still manage to offer exceptional prices. These fine wools are outstanding. There is not a clear background as to why the word ‘super’ but this is probably due to the high quality.



Mohair is another natural and beautiful fibre. It comes from an angora goat and the fabric is like spun silk as it is so delicate and fine. The goat has an adorable appearance with long curly hair often covering their eyes. The way their hair grows makes them look unmistakably adorable. Mohair is noted for having an outstanding lustre and sheen to it and it has earned itself the nickname as the diamond fibre. As with other natural fibres mohair has fantastic properties. It offers superior insulation in winter and remains cool In summer due to the moisture wicking properties that it contains. Unlike other natural fibres it is crease resistant which is an exceptional quality in itself. It sits alongside Cashmere, Angora and Silk as one of the top luxury fabrics. It is also usually more expensive than wool that comes from sheep making it a supremely luxurious fabric.

Of course Biella supply countless amounts of mohair for stunning mohair fabric menswear. Mohair has a very different texture to wool. This is because of how it is made up. It is formed using scales like wool is but the scales are not fully developed and therefore the feel of the product is different. Mohair is mostly composed of keratin which is a protein you may of heard mentioned in human hair care. Keratin is found in mammals. With mohair it is found in the hair, wool, horns and skin of the mammal. Finer mohair comes from the younger animals because in the older animals it has thickened. This means that the thicker hair from the older of the animals needs to be used for heavy fabrics and outerwear whereas the thinner can be used for all sorts of garments. Mohair is sometimes confused with angora but they are very separate and different fabrics.

These beautiful little goats that produce the Mohair originate from Turkey in the 16th century. They were found in the mountains of Tibet but mohair was known of in England as early as the 8th century but not so much is known about the animals at this time or the exact heritage of Mohair.

Another benefit of mohair is the durability. Mohair fabric products have been known to last for many years and this is another appeal of this stunning fabric. One thing is for sure that there is not a rare fabric that Biella cannot source. Mohair is another fabric that they supply around the globe to numerous clients plentifully. Mohair continues to have a strong demand. Biella UK have a wonderful understanding of the fabrics they sell and they can advise you on the best fabric for your product.