Button up to fashion since 1924

Established 1924, GRITTI Group creates and produces the most exquisite buttons in mother of pearl, natural and synthetic materials. Our GRITTI 1924 product range has long been recognised as a worldwide leader for mother of pearl articles and is most sought after in the ready-to-wear as well as the tailoring industries. Outstanding quality, tradition and innovation are our strengths. All our products are certified OEKOTEX standard 100, Class I.

Mother of Pearl

From the most suggestive seas, such as Australian, Polinesian, Philippine, Indonesian and Madagascar, MOP is one of the most fascinating and precious material.


This palm’s seed, coming from Equador, is also known as “natural ivory”.

Wood and Coconut

Wood and coconut: the first coming from European Woods, the latter coming from tropical palms, are all selected in the complete respect of the environment.

Horn and Bone

Real horn is probably among the first materials used by the manking.
Today is still a classic in fashion, giving the garment an elegant and vintage look.
Only from cows and buffalos origins, it is procured respecting severe norms of hygiene and protected species


Certainly among first materials used by the mankind, is today an essential material for fashion.


A durable material, requested for the versatility and multiple finishes available, from luxury to fashion.


With creativity and high tech, these synthetic materials are requested for the durability, easy care instruction and good value for money.