Our History


Our founder Selahattin SAYDAM sets the foundations of today’s Saydam Textile by buying two looms. He replies to the question : “Why fabric ?” with the following answer : “People buy fabric for weddings, festivals, in other words, for their happy days. And this happiness reflects back to the seller.”


Selahattin SAYDAM, who increased the number of looms to 12 in few years, founds an integrated facility in 1977. By 1979, this facility is fully operational.


The factory is converted to its current form where techniques from warping, spinning preparation, weaving and dyeing processes, all take place.



Serdar Saydam becomes President of the company, and the period of the second generation starts.

The upward trend of Saydam Textile accelerates overseas, collection mentality is adopted and the company starts to participate in international fabric fairs from this period onwards.


Saydam Textile starts to prepare its collections with famous Italian designers.

Saydam Textile works with 9 countries and 70 companies, which are mostly European and American, and continues to grow rapidly.


Saydam Textile carries its creativity to Premiere Vision Paris.


Saydam Textile determines its marketing strategy for middle-top level, and reconstructs its sales and representative networks accordingly.


Seda Saydam founds a design department and includes the company name on various projects with Turkish designers.

2009 – 2010

The strengthened collection team starts to create its own network with the support of forecasting companies such as Nelly Rodi.


Kate Middleton

Princess Kate Middleton for her meeting with the Obama family chose an elegant dress from the famous Reiss brand, entirely produced from Saydam’s top quality textile fabric.

This fabric is one of Saydam’s most special and successful textiles, which has not only an excellent touch, but also a wide usage capacity from tight pants to jackets due to its special weaving.

kate middelton

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez also couldn’t resist the attractiveness of Saydam fabrics. Thanks to the elasticity of Saydam satin fabric she looks very seductive and comfortable in her white dress with windows designed by Hakan Yildirim.

Saydam Textile which exports mainly to European and other countries and works with famous designers, gives special attention to the needs of its customers and designs its value added products accordingly.

Saydam Textile is working with worldwide known brands such as Armani, Miu Miu, Anne Klein, Gucci, Versace, D&G, Just Cavalli, Hugo Boss, Karen Millen and famous designers like Vanessa Bruno, Isabel Marant, Hakan Yildirim, Gamze Saracoglu, Ozlem Süer and Tuvana Büyükcinar.

Beyoncé and Juliette Lewis

On May 22, 2015, Beyoncé is spotted in New York.

Famous singer, gorgeous as always, she dares the total yellow look of Zadig & Voltaire.

Another celebrity, actress Juliette Lewis wears it at Cannes Film Festival 2015.

The fabric used for the suit is Barbaris from Saydam Textile.


Serdar Saydam - The Owner

Serdar Saydam makes his decisions while playing piano. He is not participating to any meeting without playing piano first. Moreover, he is designing fabric while playing his piano.

He has a lot of compositions, and each year he records a CD. But before anything he is a businessman at heart… He is the owner of Saydam Textile, which is invited on a yearly basis to the Premiere Vision Paris – the most important fabric fair of the world, whose only criteria is creativity.

His father stated the “Fabric is for happy days” slogan. Today he is manufacturing fabric to be happy and to share this happiness with others.


Factory in Bursa

Serdar Saydam makes sure workers in the factory are happy as well. He installed large windows on each wall of the factory so that people could work with the beauty of sunshine and the outdoors.


Our collection is composed of summer and winter seasons. Each season is offered to our customers as preview, main and post-view, and in the light of the feedback we receive, they are shaped according to the trend and market needs. Thus, during a six months’ long collection calendar, this process is supported every two months with new quality products.