This is what makes it so unique and gives it the characteristics that it has when compared to  sheep’s wool for example. The word cashmere actually comes from the  word Kashmir. This was from a region in northern India. Another major  benefit of cashmere is that is super soft in comparison to regular wool.  Also, it is fine in texture, light and strong. Another reason why cashmere  is loved is that it offers superior insulation. There are a number of strict  rules in order to ensure cashmere is authentic. The fibre is highly sought   after it has been produced for thousands of years but since the 18th and   19th-century demand for the material have increased exponentially. Nowadays we source our best customer fibres from china and Inner  Mongolia which is the best quality available on the market. Cashmere is highly desirable as a fabric because of its versatility.

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There is nothing as luxurious as cashmere. Cashmere is sublimely soft and known to be incredibly  gentle against the skin. Cashmere is obtained from cashmere goats and  other types of goat.


Their coat is made up of two distinct layers – the  outer layer and the undercoat. The outer layer is  hair on the animal that  is coarse and waterproof this is hair which serves to protect the  undercoat.

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Only the soft, ultrafine undercoat, which provides the goat  with warmth in its extreme environment, is used in the production of  cashmere. This makes it far less common than some other types of wool Cashmere.


High demand has developed because it takes so long to cultivate cashmere. It can take one goat four years to produce enough cashmere for one sweater. This is why it Is desirable as it is more rare than other fabrics. This is what makes cashmere one of the most expensive clothing materials available. The steps the fabric has to go to before it is ready are as follows. It has to be dehaired. This removes the coarse, outer layer of hair of the goat. It is dyed to the required colour. The whiter the hair the easier it is to reach the desired colour. This part of the process is important as the process can make the fibres hard, reducing softness. It then goes through a process called Spinning. This process lays all of the hairs in the same direction. Spinning them into a fine yarn ready for clothing manufacturing. It is easy to see why cashmere is in high demand and adored by consumers. It is luxury at its best. Cashmere scarves are  the most warming and therefore the best. Biella UK source only the finest cashmere. Supplied at the most exceptional prices.


This wool is so incredibly rare that is it usually massively expensive and luxurious. Some would say the ultimate in wool produce. It stems from the vicuña or vicugna. These are wild animals that live in high alpines  areas in the Andes. The animal is a relative of the llama and their appearance is very similar. They are now thought to be an ancestor of the domesticated alpacas which are now raised for their coats. The Vicugna produces very tiny amounts of extremely fine wool. The animal can only be shorn every three years. As the animals are protected the wool has to come from the wild and when knitted together the wool is exceptionally warm. In 1974 the animals were close to extinction but thankfully have now recovered in numbers. The vicuña is the national animal of Peru its emblem is used on the Peruvian coat of arms. Not everyone can source Vicuna wool and Vicuna scarves but Biella UK supply them. Illustrating no type of fabric is too luxurious or too rare for Biella UK not to be able to stock it.


As vicuna fabrics are so sought after and so rare it means only a few  people can get access to this type of fabric. Of course this isn’t an issue  for Biella UK as we work with the best suppliers in the world to source  the best materials. Vicuna is so rare because at one time the animal they  come from was protected by Inca tribes and was incredibly rare. It is still  a protected animal and so the wool needs to be harvested carefully and  with integrity which of course at Biella we have.

Biella UK are incredibly ethical and therefore ensure that the correct  processes are adhered to for any fabrics they source. Those people that  want to have the most natural and the finest of all available natural  fibres should opt for Vicuna. It is so soft and rare that it is a real  luxurious treat to wear Vicuna fabrics. There is only one supplier in the  UK to go to in order to find Vicuna and that is Biella UK. Biella will ensure  that your Vicuna order is impeccably presented and that your customer  service experience.